What Makes You F$@King Dope??


Name: Marika Brown

Age: 31

Occupation: Advertising Project Manager

What Makes you F$&King Dope?

Lol! Have you seen me?!! Just kidding, but not really...I'm dope because I'm raw and undeniably me. My style is a great reflection of who I am. I do what I want, I don't confine myself to social norms. I mix, I match- I love color and print clashing. I pride my self in having a very different fashion "eye".

I'm an ever changing work in progress...I'm constantly evolving at my own pace. I'm unconventional to the core and I embrace it in every way possible. It's very important that I love myself and that the opinions of others come secondary to how I view and feel about myself. I've worked hard to be this confident and that's never going to change

IG: Br00klynbetty