What makes you F$@King Dope??

Name: Shenequa Adrien Golding

Age: 32

Occupation: I'm just a writer, love.

What makes you f**king dope?

Are you serious right now with this question, Ebony? 

Okay. Well, I can say that the best decision I ever made was to become a writer, and the worst decision I've made was to become a writer. It's a complicated and emotional occupation to have to turn your words into wealth just to be able to eat, but a las, this is the life I chose. 

During this process of slinging nouns, verbs and other parts of speech I've also had to hone my listening skills. I, legally cannot, misquote someone and if I do I can very well see that person in court, so accuracy is important. But more than accuracy I've learned how to listen to emotion, the words left unsaid when I pose a question to a subject that requires one to think and offer a response that's beyond the surface-level responses they usually offer. Deep sighs, moments when someone may look off to an object in the distance in hopes to gather their words and thoughts, or maybe even a shaking of their head, all this non-verbal communication on top of the verbal communication has made me a better listener. I do not listen with the intent of proving my point or someone wrong. I listen with the hope of understanding. I have to in order to write a good story. And because I'm a good listener I've found that people just love to talk to me. Like, they REALLY love to talk to me. At the end of all my interviews I ask my subjects the same simple question: So, how's your heart? and the responses are astounding, and you know what? I love listening to all of them. So if I had one attribute I could claim as dope it's the fact that I listen with my ears, heart and mind.

IG: Goldinggirl617


What Makes You Fucking Dope??

Name: Marquia Fitch

Age: 26

Occupation: Owner and Operator of Bec & Betty's Boutique

What Makes you Fucking Dope? 

I'm dope Bc I am a selfless , assertive, resilient boss ass chick! I live life to the fullest going after all my goals I've set to achieve. I'm passionate and driven. I understand life and I'm not afraid to live it. I'm a natural born cheerleader. When I win , we all win. I have a great sense of humor. Im forgiving (never forgetting ), I'm genuine and I take pride in being a real ass chick. I believe in loyalty and I live by a code a ethic. I was put on this earth to spread love and positivity. I can't wait to be put in the position to mentor our youth and give young girls the proper blueprint to living your best life. And that's why I'm fckkknn dope....

IG: @becandbettys



What makes You Fucking Dope?

Name: Tola

Age: 3? Lol

What makes you Fucking Dope? 

Im just here for the people. I believe I was sent here to be a cheerleader for people in general. I genuinely enjoy watching people win, because when they win, I feel like I'm winning. I'm here for the Gyrl Power, for the  #BlackGirlMagic, for the #BlackBoyJoy, for the wins AND losses, because without the losses, we won't appreciate the wins. I'm here for all of it. While caping for everyone else, and encouraging them to walk in their truth,  I've become a lot more transparent with my story, about my shortcomings, my wins, my losses, my hiccups, my fuckups and my bounce back. I'm fucking dope because I realize it's not about me, it's about the role I'm playing in the lives of others, how I'm working to make this world a better place. Like Tupac said, "I'm  not saying that I will change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will." Yeah... that's it.
IG: @Tolaspeaktome

What makes You Fucking Dope?

Name: Ngono Louise Messinga

Age: 36

Occupation: Architect

What makes you Fucking Dope??
I'm a loving, caring, self-driven, independent, strong, creative woman. I was raised by a strong Haitian woman who taught me to always remain strong, never give up on my hopes and dreams. There's nothing that I can't put my mind to that I'm unable to achieve. I'm an architect, photographer, web designer, artist and blogger. 
Everyone has something that separates them from others. I love being different because it's better to be a leader than a follower. There's a sense of connection I feel when I help others and I enjoy helping them find their creativity with the skills that I have. 
Life is a game and I don't play like anyone else. I'm here to win! I will continue to play differently and that's what makes me so f%!king dope.
IG: @Fashion_arch
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