Hustle University

“We hustle out of the sense of hopelessness. Sort of a desperation. Through that desperation, we become addicted. But we feel we have nothin to lose. So we offer you, well, we offer our lives. What do you bring to the table?" 

What Makes You F$@King Dope??


Name: Marika Brown

Age: 31

Occupation: Advertising Project Manager

What Makes you F$&King Dope?

Lol! Have you seen me?!! Just kidding, but not really...I'm dope because I'm raw and undeniably me. My style is a great reflection of who I am. I do what I want, I don't confine myself to social norms. I mix, I match- I love color and print clashing. I pride my self in having a very different fashion "eye".

I'm an ever changing work in progress...I'm constantly evolving at my own pace. I'm unconventional to the core and I embrace it in every way possible. It's very important that I love myself and that the opinions of others come secondary to how I view and feel about myself. I've worked hard to be this confident and that's never going to change

IG: Br00klynbetty


What Makes You F$@King Dope?

Name: Rashida Meggett

Age: 36

Occupation: Online Deputy Style Editor @ YOOX Net-A-Porter Group

What makes you F$&King Dope?

That’s  a good question.. What makes me dope is Me, all of who I am.  I am a sincere, loving, compassionate, loyal individual who does most with a pure heart.  I have dope ass energy that some say is infectious.  

I live a positive, non judgmental life striving to be the best me that I can be. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend!  To me, life is about growth and learning day to day from experiences and taking absolutely nothing for granted. I believe in God and am beyond thankful for ALL that I have been blessed with. I am a creative with a deep routed passion for all things Fashion and am beyond thankful to be living out what was meant for me.

All these aspects of ME (and the those not mentioned) are what makes me F$$king DOPE!


Rashida and her twins, Amari and Alijah! 

Rashida and her twins, Amari and Alijah! 


What makes you F$@King Dope??

Name: Shenequa Adrien Golding

Age: 32

Occupation: I'm just a writer, love.

What makes you f**king dope?

Are you serious right now with this question, Ebony? 

Okay. Well, I can say that the best decision I ever made was to become a writer, and the worst decision I've made was to become a writer. It's a complicated and emotional occupation to have to turn your words into wealth just to be able to eat, but a las, this is the life I chose. 

During this process of slinging nouns, verbs and other parts of speech I've also had to hone my listening skills. I, legally cannot, misquote someone and if I do I can very well see that person in court, so accuracy is important. But more than accuracy I've learned how to listen to emotion, the words left unsaid when I pose a question to a subject that requires one to think and offer a response that's beyond the surface-level responses they usually offer. Deep sighs, moments when someone may look off to an object in the distance in hopes to gather their words and thoughts, or maybe even a shaking of their head, all this non-verbal communication on top of the verbal communication has made me a better listener. I do not listen with the intent of proving my point or someone wrong. I listen with the hope of understanding. I have to in order to write a good story. And because I'm a good listener I've found that people just love to talk to me. Like, they REALLY love to talk to me. At the end of all my interviews I ask my subjects the same simple question: So, how's your heart? and the responses are astounding, and you know what? I love listening to all of them. So if I had one attribute I could claim as dope it's the fact that I listen with my ears, heart and mind.

IG: Goldinggirl617